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Rv47 T-link

AF has built the T-link between E39 in Tysvær and Rv47 on Karmøy, plus the north-south connection between Fosen and E134 in Haugesund - Norway’s longest subsea tunnel.

Project status

      Sep 2009
      Apr 2013

      About the project

      The K1 T-link contract is a new road connecting Karmøy, Haugesund and Tysvær Municipality. The project included a subsea tunnel underneath Karmsundet, Førresfjorden and Fosen, tunnel profile T11.5 with roundabout at Fosen (level -60 bsl.), water and frost protection, manholes and pipes, electrical work, highway with roundabouts and road junctions, rails and lighting, pump stations, technical buildings, 2 bridges and 3 road crossings. The T-link consisted of five contracts in total.

      • NOK 878 million

        Contract price

      • 8 950

        metre long tunnel

        The tunnel stretches between Karmøy, Tysvær and Haugesund and is Norway's longest subsea tunnel, so far.
      AF Gruppen

      Karmøy, Norway

      Norway’s longest subsea tunnel

      A total of 19 k of road is built on the T-link, out of which most of it lies under Karmøysundet and Førresfjorden. Driving down into the tunnel from Karmøy, you can go on for 3 977 metres before reaching a fantastic roundabout 60 metres under the sea, approximately below Fosen, and then choose to continue for 3 764 metres of tunnel towards Tysvær or choose the third tunnel arm towards Haugesund.

      The 8 950 metre long tunnel between Karmøy, Tysvær and Haugesund is Norway's longest subsea tunnel, so far. AF is a world leader in injection technology and has specially developed machines that inject cement into bedrock in order to stabilise the rock masses and prevent water from penetrating.

      Project info

      Project type: Infrastructure and tunnelling
      Business unit: AF Anlegg
      Customer: Norwegian Public Roads Administration
      Contract type: Main Contract

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