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AF is one of the largest players in the country in the area of residential, commercial and public sector buildings. We cooperate closely with customers to find efficient solutions that satisfy future environmental and energy requirements. As a turnkey contractor, we have broad experience and solid expertise that covers the entire value chain from development and planning to building. AF is also a leader in renovation, rebuilding and extension work.


  • Nominated for design and build contract for Os school and sports arena

    AF Gruppen has been nominated by Halden municipality as design and build contractor for Os school and sports arena. The estimated contract value is NOK 493 million excluding VAT.

    Published: 01.03.2021

  • To build 163 mass timber apartments as FutureBuilt-project

    AF Gruppen has entered an agreement with Fyrstikkbakken 14 AS to build 4 apartment blocks in mass timber consisting of 163 apartments. Fyrstikkbakken 14 is a FutureBuilt-project with a goal of reducing the carbon footprint by 50 %. Fyrstikkbakken 14 is owned 50/50 by Birk & Co AS and AF Eiendom.

    Published: 24.02.2021

  • To build 199 apartments for Selvaag Bolig in Bergen

    Selvaag Bolig has signed an agreement through its subsidiary Sandsliåsen Utbygging with LAB Entreprenør, a part of the AF Gruppen, for the construction of 199 apartments in the Sandsli neighbourhood of Bergen.

    Published: 18.02.2021

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