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AF is one of the largest players in the country in the area of residential, commercial and public sector buildings. We cooperate closely with customers to find efficient solutions that satisfy future environmental and energy requirements. As a turnkey contractor, we have broad experience and solid expertise that covers the entire value chain from development and planning to building. AF is also a leader in renovation, rebuilding and extension work.


  • HMB to build a new central residential district in Knivsta

    HMB Construction, subsidiary of AF Gruppen, is building a new central residential district in Knivsta, south of Uppsala on behalf of Genoa and Redito.

    Published: 09.07.2021

  • Building unique homes for OBOS Kärnhem in Lund

    AF Bygg Syd, a subsidiary of AF Gruppen, will build homes on behalf of OBOS Kärnhem in the new district of Brunnshög, close to Lund's world-leading research environments.

    Published: 09.07.2021

  • To build Construction City in Oslo

    AF Gruppen has entered into a contract with Construction City Holding AS to build Construction City, an industry cluster that will bring together the building, construction and real estate industry in Norway. The contract is valued at NOK 2,676 million, excluding VAT.

    Published: 07.07.2021

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