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A recycling first for Norway

The largest recycling operation of a production vessel (FPSO) is taking place in Vats, Rogaland.

News in AF Gruppen

  • AF Gruppen ends the year with strong cash flow and a robust order backlog

    AF Gruppen recorded fourth quarter revenues of NOK 8,378 million. Profit before tax was NOK 292 million in the quarter, corresponding to a profit margin of 3.5%. The order backlog was NOK 41,991 million at the end of the quarter.


  • Nominated for contract at the New Rikshospitalet

    AF Gruppen has been nominated as the contractor by the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority for the construction of temporary office and accommodation facilities at the New Rikshospitalet (Oslo University Hospital) in Gaustad, Oslo. The agreement covers the setup, operation, and dismantling of offices, dining, and changing facilities. The estimated value of the contract is NOK 129 million excluding VAT.


  • Building 165 apartments centrally in Oslo

    AF Gruppen has signed an agreement with KLP Eiendom to build the Nora project in Bislett, Oslo. The project includes the demolition of existing buildings and the construction of 165 apartments, as well as parking garages and commercial areas at Pilestredet 75. The contract is a turnkey contract with a value of NOK 906 million excluding VAT.