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AF from the Inside

We need curious people

AF from the Inside

We need curious people

News in AF Gruppen

  • To build new apartment project in Sandefjord

    Strøm Gundersen Vestfold AS enters into contract with Storgata 3-5 AS, Dokkenkvartalet in Sandefjord.


  • Nominated for contract by Avinor at Oslo Airport

    Avinor has nominated AF Gruppen as contractor for execution of the contract for internal structural works at Oslo Airport. The work is to be carried out in the extension of the current east pier at Oslo Airport, and will provide significantly increased capacity for flights outside the Non Schengen area. The extension of Oslo Airport is important to develop Norway’s main airport as an international hub. It will ensure better capacity and provide better conditions for passengers and airlines, and also strengthen the framework conditions for Norwegian travel, tourism and business.


  • Nominated for contract by Forsvarsbygg

    AF Gruppen (AFG) is nominated by Forsvarsbygg as contractor for the construction of a tank and fuel plant at Ørlandet Air Station.