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News in AF Gruppen

  • Building 81 apartments in Oslo city centre

    AF Gruppen has signed a contract with Bjerke Grønnegata AS to build the Grønnegata 6 residential project in Oslo city centre. Bjerke Grønnegata is owned by Bjerke Eiendom.


  • Developing industrial sites near Gothenburg

    The AF Gruppen subsidiary, Kanonaden Entreprenad is set to carry out the groundwork for new industrial sites at Rollsbo Västerhöjd in Kungälv on behalf of Ytterbygg AB. The contract is worth a total of SEK 143 million, excluding VAT.


  • Building 146 apartments in Ås

    AF Gruppen has signed a contract with Brekkeveien 19 Utvikling to build the “Brekketunet” housing project in Ås in Viken county.