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Energy Service

Energy Service

    Proper follow-up and management play an important role in ensuring that technical plants maintain a stable and low energy consumption. Our experience shows that energy consumption can be reduced by up to 10 percent with periodic adjustments and correction of the technical plant. Savings are achieved through optimised operation of ventilation, heat, cooling, light and heating cables, as well as fault rectification in the event that alarms are triggered or there is non-compliance.

    Service, Monitoring and Operation

    Operating agreement

    We tailor-make operating agreements for construction and energy plants. An operating agreement includes daily operation and supervision, 24-hour security, annual preventive maintenance and service programs, service management, maintenance work, repairs and replacement of parts and equipment, major upgrades and expansions. The work is summarised in quarterly or annual operational meetings.

    Our 24-hour service telephone is operated by competent engineers who are familiar with the objects in the agreement. The officer in charge can monitor and control plants and machines. Call-out arrangements are tailored in the individual agreement.

    Service agreement

    We offer interdisciplinary services within all relevant technical areas: electrical, ventilation, piping, automation, refrigeration and heat production, and thermodynamics.

    We combine traditional service agreements with energy service agreements. Energy services include operational optimisation, preparation of energy check lists and automatic energy monitoring via the internet.

    Energy monitoring

    Using web-based automatic energy monitoring, the building owner and AF can follow energy usage hour by hour. In this way, operational faults and defective components in the technical equipment will be quickly detected and corrected.

    Technical upgrades

    We undertake project management and coordinate all management of repairs, upgrades and expansions at the plant or in existing buildings, such as the administration of technical areas in connection with the refurbishment of premises, technical adaptation and other contracts.

    Many upgrades take place without the customer being able to apply for financial support for the additional costs of considering energy efficiency when upgrading. AF is concerned about profitability for our customers, providing advice and assistance to make an otherwise expensive project into a profitable investment.