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Bekkelaget treatment plant

Under commission from the City of Oslo – Agency for Water and Sewerage Works – AF is carrying out structural work in connection with the expansion of the Bekkelaget treatment plant.

Project status

      Oct 2016
      Feb 2020
      • NOK 450 million

        Contract value

      AF Gruppen


      Building for the future

      Bekkelaget treatment plant is Norway’s second largest treatment plant. The first sewerage plant at Bekkelaget was built in 1963, and was subsequently extended and rebuilt on several occasions. In 2001, a new, state-of-the-art plant was built in order to comply with new and more stringent requirements. 

      Oslo is Europe’s fastest-growing city and forecasts suggest a continuing strong growth. In order to maintain the quality of the water in the Oslo fjord, it is necessary to expand the treatment capacity. 

      Bekkelaget sewerage treatment plant treats 40% of waste water from the City of Oslo, but it is overloaded and cannot fulfil new environmental requirements. 

      When the treatment plant was built in 2001, it was designed for 270 000 persons. The plant currently treats waste water for 300 000 persons. The capacity of the plant will increase in order to process waste water from 500 000 persons, which is the expected volume of waste water for 2040. 

      The entire plant is being built inside the mountain and will be directly connected to the existing plant. Expansion will take place in both directions, north and south. The plant will be extended by 200–300 metres south along the E18 highway.

      Project info

      Project type: Special Projects
      Business unit: AF Anlegg
      Customer: Oslo kommune - Vann- og avløpsetaten
      Contract type: Hovedentreprise

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