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HVAC framework agreement with Equinor

Good ventilation and cooling are vital safety factors in petroleum production. AF has entered into a framework agreement for the maintenance and modification of HVAC systems at Equinor's installations both onshore and offshore.

Project status

      Jun 2007
      Jun 2023

      About project

      The HVAC systems on a platform must be continuously serviced. However, maintenance must impact production as little as possible. The framework agreement ensures Equinor access to our expertise within the maintenance and modification of HVAC systems.

        AF Gruppen

        North Sea

        HVAC protects the platform

        The ventilation system on a platform is all about safety. The pressure in the reservoir is high, and so is the temperature. When oil and gas are to be extracted from the well, the ventilation system must control the pressure and temperature. The oil, water and gas must then be separated. HVAC is all about safety. It is about protecting explosive areas and keeping hazardous escape routes free of gas and smoke by using overpressure, as well as ensuring that the correct temperature is maintained. The HVAC technical systems are the first systems to be started and the last to be shut down on a platform, regardless of whether the shutdown is intentional or not. 

        The framework agreement stipulates the contractual terms and conditions that Equinor requires for the duration of the contract. Contractual terms and conditions will typically concern what is to be delivered, prices and terms of delivery.

        Project info

        Project type: HVAC - Offshore
        Customer: Equinor
        Contract type: Rammeavtale

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