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S-Block in the Government Quarter

The demolition work signified the start of the physical works related to construction of the new Government quarter.

Project status

      Oct 2014
      Mar 2015

      About the project

      Before the work on new offices for the Government and several of the ministries could begin, the buildings that has been most severely damaged after the terror attack of 22 July 2011 had to be removed.

      • NOK 12 million

        Contract price

      • A total of 10 floors were demolished, of which two were below ground.

      AF Gruppen

      Government Quarter, Oslo, Norway

      Demolition method

      First, all materials that were hazardous to health or the environment were removed manually from the structures. The brick façade was sent for recycling along with metals and other clean demolished material. The remaining concrete shell was demolished using machines and transported to approved facilities along with other contaminated material.

      Demanding infrastructure

      In addition to the S-Block being linked together with the other government buildings via underground culverts, large parts of the demolition work were carried out next to the listed Møllergata 19. Other factors that needed to be considered were the traffic close by and a fully operational fire station as the closest neighbour.


      • 17 000 m2

        Construction material for environmental clean-up and demolition

      Project info

      Project type: Demolition
      Business unit: AF Decom AS

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