“Our refreshed brand will help to position AF as the contractor best equipped to respond to future needs. It has therefore been important to preserve our history and to involve our units in work on our visual identity,” says Ida Aall Gram, EVP for HR, Communications and Property.

The logo design has been simplified. Although the company is still called AF Gruppen, reference to the group has been removed from the logotype. This adjustment means we now have a logo that is more recognisable and timely, and which will work better in digital settings and channels. Designers from Knowit Experience are behind the changes to the logo.

The very first assignment carried out by AF was performed on a working community basis, or “arbeidsfellesskap” in Norwegian, which came to be abbreviated to AF. Since “AF” was name used in the vernacular, this was also adopted as the name of the company when it was founded in 1985. It was also the point of departure for the visual identity, with the yellow logo becoming a visible symbol in the company’s projects.

“We are a contracting family that is constantly undergoing growth and renewal.  We are run by curious people and seek to be a driving force for a more future-oriented industry. This also has to be shown in the way that we brand ourselves,” says Aall Gram.

The logo change will take place digitally today. Additionally, the new flag will be raised at several of our current sites and at our offices.  Other branding transitions will take place as and when there is a need to order new materials.

A symbol has also been designed for use by AF Gruppen’s subsidiaries who have their own branding. This symbol demonstrates their affiliation with AF, and can be used in contexts where this increases competitiveness.