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In the coming years, several of oil and gas fields will be shut down and decommissioned in a responsible manner.

Who We Are

AF Offshore Decom is a specialized contractor offering bespoke decommissioning solutions for the global offshore energy market.

In the past two decades AF Offshore Decom has as main contractor and consortium partner safely prepared, removed, dismantled and recycled more than 350.000 tons of oil & gas infrastructure from the North Sea. Our extensive track record includes more than 45 offshore installations and beyond 5 million project man-hours of decommissioning experience both offshore & onshore.

As a dedicated, focused player we are a catalyst for the oil and gas industry’s transition by offering integrated decommissioning solution for the global offshore market increasing customer efficiency, mitigating risk and maximizing the recycling potential.

Our experience and large in-house capabilities enable us to handle any projects. We will lead and shape the market for environmentally friendly decommissioning offshore. We are a part of the circular economy and are committed to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future

In a world where resources are finite and the earth’s ability to absorb carbon emissions have been depleted, the future rests on our ability to recycle and reuse resources and materials. This is our commitment.

This is our core business – and only business.




Vision and Mission

Clearing up the past, building for the future


We believe in the value of new beginnings. We create value and opportunities by giving new life to old materials by removing and recycling oil & gas platforms and other offshore assets with an uncompromising attitude towards safety, sustainability and ethics. 

Our value

  • We have a strong culture based on distinct core values
  • Reliability
  • Freedom to exercise entrepreneurship and discipline in accordance with goals and requirements
  • Thoroughness and hard work
  • Persistence in achieving profitable growth
  • Management through presence and involvement

Latest news

  • WWW to test test the first WWW prototype at the AF yard at Vats

    The Norwegian company World Wide Wind AS (WWW) which is developing a new design for offshore floating wind turbines, and AF Gruppen (AFG), the second largest Norwegian engineering and construction company, have agreed to test the first WWW prototype at the AF yard at Vats on the South West coast of Norway.

    Published: 01.11.2023

  • AF preparing for growth in offshore wind

    AF Gruppen prepares for the imminent growth of the offshore wind marked by facilitating for production of foundations and assembly of wind turbines at AF Environmental Base Vats in Rogaland, Norway.

    Published: 27.09.2023

  • Offshore decommissioning project for AF Gruppen

    AF Gruppen (AFG) has today received a letter of award for a contract from Heerema Marine Contractors SE for the engineering and offshore hook-down preparation of Equinor’s Heimdal Main Platform in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

    Published: 19.09.2023

Significant floating production vessel, a recycling first for Norway

Our sustainability achievements

  • 400.000


    Recycled steel and C02 emission voided by the steel recycling process

  • 20.000


    Hazardous materials safety removed from circulation

  • 50


    Reduction in our yard energy consumption since 2015


A well-functioning society is dependent on responsible business and industry that create value for society. Corporate social responsibility is not only of major importance from a societal perspective, but also because it provides opportunities for profitable growth. At AF, we call this sustainable entrepreneurship

AF Offshore Decom will lead and shape the market for environmentally friendly decommissioning offshore. We are a part of the circular economy and are committed to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future.

As a dedicated, focused player we increase customer efficiency by creating fit for purpose and predictable removal solutions. Always safe, environmentally sound, cost efficient and with the lowest possible climate emission.

What sustainability means to AF Offshore Decom:

  1. No harm to people working for us, employed or contracted
  2. Environmental impact of our operation shall be as small as possible and promote and protect biological diversity
  3. Contributing to the local and global society by being a responsible and fair player
  4. Attracting “the best people” by having workplace free of discrimination based on gender, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  5. Contributing to a circular economy by maximising reuse and recycling of materials to minimise resource consumption
  6. Removing substances that are hazardous to people or environment from circulation and ensure they are disposed of in a responsible manner
  7. Continually striving to reduce energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases
  8. Continually improving our methods by encouraging innovation
  9. Acknowledging that sustainable operation should also be profitable
  10. Conducting our business to the highest ethical standards, without the use of tax avoidance and with a zero-tolerance for corruption and bribery



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