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Health and work environment

Health and work environment

    No one should become ill from working at AF, and we work to ensure that all employees experience job satisfaction and well-being. Sickness absence is an indicator of health work, and our goal is to avoid all sickness absence caused by work – in other words, zero work-related sickness absence.

    AF has an internal corporate health service that assists with preventive health work. They monitor employee health through regular health check-ups, and they assist the absence due to illness committees that have been established in the business units to ensure that everyone with absence due to illness is followed up well.

    To ensure that there is knowledge of what one can be exposed to while working and what measures can prevent health injuries, AF has health cards for the 15 most relevant types of exposure. These cards are available in several languages. In addition, AF has developed and implemented a Health Risk programme that enables us to better identify and influence health risks.

    • Absence due to illness in AF Gruppen
      The graph shows developments in absence due to illness at AF Gruppen (percent).