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In spite of continuous safety work, AF must always be prepared for serious accidents. Accidents can happen when one least expects them.

AF is organised with preparedness systems for each project and overall in the Group, which is to handle and reduce the harmful effects of serious accidents and provide good follow-up. In an emergency, the parties involved seek an overview and control, and to implement measures that can limit the damage, including long-term damage. This can be perceived as very demanding, and AF acknowledged long ago that there is only one thing that can enable us to handle these types of situations in a satisfactory manner: practice.

In AF’s projects, it is the project organisation that carries out exercises in accordance with the project-specific emergency plan. In order to be prepared for a major crisis situation, exercises are held by AF’s central emergency management team. This is an emergency management team that is to provide support, advice, training and relief for the projects in a crisis situation together with a crisis team.