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Nes Environmental Centre

The AF Group, Esval Environmental Centre and Gunnar Holth Grusforretning form the first environmental centre for recycling contaminated materials in Eastern Norway. The goal is to recycle 100 per cent of the materials using new environmental technology.

About the project

The environmental centre will be the first facility of its kind in Eastern Norway. The method and technology has been developed by AF through many years and is used at the Rimol Environmental Centre in Trondheim.

  • Today, technology contributes by recycling up to 80 per cent of the bulk material that would otherwise have ended up in traditional landfills.

AF Gruppen

Nes, Norway

Solves several environmental issues

The Nes Environmental Centre (previously Esval Environmental Centre) is located in Nes municipality. The environmental centre is currently construction and will perform waste-related activities, disposal and recycling. The environmental centre is owned by AF Gruppen, Esval Environmental Centre and Gunnar Holth Grusforretning through the joint venture, Nes Environmental Centre.

The decontamination method solves several environmental issues in one process. It reduces the volume of waste and contributes to social gains by increasing the life of the disposal sites. The technology makes it easier to manage the material and reduces the risks of storage.  


Project info

Project type: Environmental Centres
Business unit: AF Decom AS

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