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EPC in Sunndal and Tingvoll municipalities

Several municipalities in the county of Nordmøre co-ordinated their investment in energy saving. AF Energi & Miljøteknikk won the competitive tender for EPC in Sunndal and Tingvoll municipalities.

Project status

      Aug 2014
      Apr 2016

      About the project

      With regard to Sunndal and Tingvoll municipalities, AF has delivered on energy savings contracts in which 84 measures were implemented in 12 buildings. Measures included an Energy Monitoring System (EMS), expanding the central control and monitoring system, heat pumps, insulation, window replacement, heat recycling ventilation, new lighting, new ventilation fans.

      • NOK 1 million

        Annual savings

      • 84 energy-saving measures

        in 12 buildings

      Real savings for the municipalities

      Annual savings for the municipality are estimated at about NOK 1 million. The municipality also received support from Enova in the amount of NOK 1.7 million to implement the measures. 

      During the implementation phase, AF solved a number of issues. Among other things, a completely new regulation strategy was adopted that retains the balance in the VAV system and maintains savings. A new solution using decentralised wall fans that feature a heat recycling function was also chosen. 

      AF Energi & Miljøteknikk is one of the largest Norwegian EPC bidders. Energy savings contracts with performance guarantees have provided several Norwegian municipalities with significantly reduced energy costs.  

      AF started with EPC in 2008 and since this time has entered into contracts with a number of Norwegian municipalities and county councils, including Asker, Oppland and Sundal and Tingvoll.  

      A typical EPC contract will often comprise 70–80 measures with a total budget of around NOK 30 million. 

      Once the measures have been implemented, the municipalities receive follow-up and service from AF Energi & Miljøteknikk's service department. 

      Project info

      Project type: Energy Efficiency
      Business unit: AF Energi
      Customer: Sunndal kommune, Tingvoll kommune
      Contract type: EPC

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