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Engebrets promenade

Thon Eiendom and AF Gruppen are building 170 new apartments of a high standard in the heart of attractive Lillestrøm.

About the project

With its four buildings, new square and public passage, Engebrets Promenade will be an extension of Storgata and the city centre when the area is finished in autumn 2017.

  • Total contract value

  • New apartments

AF Gruppen

Lillestrøm, Norge

New landmark building in Lillestrøm

A number of AF Gruppen's business areas are taking part in shaping Engebrets Promenade. The clients are AF Eiendom and Thon Eiendom via the company Lillestrøm By- og næringsutvikling AS, while AF Decom was responsible for the initial clearance of the site. 

Besides 170 brand new apartments, AF Bygg Oslo will build a new 'people's house' in the midst of the apartment blocks. The new hall will accommodate 550 people. Space will also be set aside for roof terraces, both communal and private, as well as commercial premises. Its unique location, architectonic properties and functional solutions mean that Engebrets Promenade will be one of the area's most desirable housing projects.

The district will function as an extension of the city centre and will be a benefit to the city's residents.
Tormod Søbyskogen, project manager and property developer at AF Eiendom

Project info

Project type: Residential Buildings
Customer: Lillestrøm By og Næringsutvikling AS
Contract type: Totalentreprise

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