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AF bygger Bispevika (Foto: Oslo S Utvikling)

Housing development in Bjørvika

Bjørvika used to be a traffic machine. Now much of the traffic has been removed and replaced with a new and green neighbourhood on the seafront. Together with OSU, AF Gruppen has carried out several of the projects in Bispevika. (Photo: Oslo S Utvikling).

Project status

    Mar 2017
    Jul 2020

    About the project

    Bispevika, together with Barcode, constitutes a completely new district in Oslo, Bjørvika. Together with Oslo S Utvikling (OSU), we have helped transform the area into a vibrant urban space with apartments and restaurants. AF Gruppen has been the contractor for the projects Dronninglunden, Felt B2, Vannkunsten and the site preparation and basement work at Clemenskvartalet, Bispevika Syd, Felt B8a.

    • NOK 1,109 million

      Contract Value for the Dronninglunden and Vannkunsten projects
    • 48,000 sqm.

      Floor area of 355 apartments and commercial premises 8,000 sqm
    • Interaction project between AF Gruppen and Oslo S Utvikling
    • Innovation in design and engineering, procurement, execution and sales
    AF Gruppen

    Bispevika, oslo

    OSU thinks along new lines

    Bjørvika used to be a traffic machine. Now much of the traffic has been lead underground, the concrete machine has been demolished, and a new and green neighbourhood has been developed.

    When OSU was planning the development of Bispevika in Bjørvika, the largest and most recognised contractors in the industry were invited to put forward proposals for how the area best could be realised through industrialisation, digitisation, interaction, planning processes and contract structures that could provide good solutions and major reductions in construction costs.  

    No residual waste

    In Bispevika, AF has collaborated with Norsk Gjenvinning to carry out two major
    housing projects completely without residual waste. Practical systems have been established for sorting of waste, and both employees and subcontractors have been
    trained to enhance their competence and awareness related to waste sorting. This high ambition resulted in 97.3 per cent of the building waste in the project being sorted for recycling – far above the regulatory requirement of 60 per cent.

    Project info

    Project type: Residential Buildings
    Architect: Vandkunsten og LOF Arkitekter
    Customer: Oslo S utvikling AS
    Contract type: Samspillskontrakt

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