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How to land your dream job in AF

Participate in AF's student activities

We think it's so much fun to get to know you, so don't be afraid to talk to us on our stands, ask questions at company presentations or participate in the Battle for the AF Collective. These are all very good opportunities for you to get to know us and where we will get to know you. Even though you are many, we take good notice of those of you who are enthusiastic.

Show who you are in your application

The presentation of the application and CV is something you should consider. Take an extra read-through to avoid typos before submitting your application papers. Feel free to show who you are, what motivates you and what you are passionate about? Dare to share who you are, feel free to refer to your experiences and what you have learned from them. It’s alright to be personal and show humour.

It is the overall assessment that counts

Of course, we look at grades as part of the overall assessment process, but the field of study, academic background, personal qualities, relevant work experience, references, duties and extra-curricular interests are also given weight – and are at least as important.

Prepare well to calm your nerves

Remember, when you're nervous, your senses are sharpened. Nervousness is not necessarily negative – it just shows that this is something you really want. Prepare well, it can calm your nerves Read up on the company you're applying to. Write down the questions you may have in advance of the interview and listen to the questions you are asked. Be yourself and remember; we have assessed you to be professionally competent for the position by taking you into an interview – now it is up to you to show us who you are and why you are motivated to work in AF.

Believe in yourself

Finally, and perhaps most importantly. Stay true to your gut feeling in a job application process – it's usually not wrong.