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The AF undertakes operational, maintenance and modification work relating to HVAC, electrical engineering, pipes and other mechanical disciplines, as well as engineering.

HVAC - Onshore

Technical Turnkey Contractor

We design, deliver and install energy-efficient air treatment systems to create good indoor environments. Our inter-disciplinary expertise also allows us to provide turnkey technical installations where AF is responsible for the technical disciplines.

This gives our customers fewer interfaces, good cost control and oversight. Our focus is flawless delivery and completion on time and in accordance with the client's requirements. Technical turnkey contractor for onshore facilities AF is a technical turnkey contractor in ventilation, heating, cooling, piping, electrical and automation for onshore facilities.

We plan and design, deliver, install, operate and maintain technical solutions for commercial buildings, the public sector, industry, and onshore facilities. We perform all types of operational, maintenance and modification work for the oil and gas industry. Energy-efficient solutions We provide advisory services and energy-efficient solutions that help you reduce energy costs and improve the environment while also creating good indoor environments. Our aim is to supply smart and energy-efficient technical solutions that benefit both the environment and our customers' bottom line.  We call it Blue Environmental Effect. Your Service Partner AF has experienced service technicians, cooling technicians, electricians and automation technicians with broad technical backgrounds who carry out both preventive service, renovation, remodelling and maintenance. We can offer several different service contracts in our disciplines, from internal control, emergency lighting, fire alarms, filter replacement, ventilation and air conditioning, to heating and cooling systems, etc. We also perform cleaning of duct networks and document conditions before and after cleaning. Get in touch for a non-binding inspection.