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AF is a leading turnkey supplier of energy-efficient HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) for ships throughout the world. Since 1979 we have been supplying HVAC systems to more than 1,000 ships, ranging from passenger ships, cruise ships and trading and offshore vessels to fishing vessels, research vessels, icebreakers and various specialist ships.

HVAC Marine


AF AeronMollier has been a successful partner for the largest operators on the Norwegian continental shelf since 1998, and our experience covers all aspects of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems – HVAC-R. We design and supply advanced, cost-effective HVAC-R systems that focus on safety and environmentally-friendly solutions.  We deliver everything from studies and consulting to complete HVAC systems, including  HVAC equipment, maintenance services and modifications.

Since 1998 we have taken full responsibility for the customer's HVAC-R systems. By being a long-term operations and maintenance partner, we are able to supply solutions which ensure optimal indoor climates for both people and equipment.

The offshore industry in the North Sea is one of the world's most demanding environments, which results in stringent requirements toward focus on safety and quality from us as a supplier. We are familiar with all relevant rules and requirements, and supply tailored products and documentation in compliance with regulations and customer requirements.

We have specialist engineers who are highly skilled in designing HVAC systems and components for demanding work and environments. The design and development of new products takes place in close cooperation with our customers and equipment manufacturers. We have offices in Stavanger, Bergen and Flekkefjord, close to important centres for the Norwegian offshore industry.

In our capacity as a turnkey HVAC provider, we supply everything from engineering, procurement, design, installation and completion. We offer expertise in the disciplines of air technology, heating and cooling technology, piping, electrical engineering and automation. We cover all aspects of offshore installations, from accommodation units, technical rooms, process, drilling, power production and distribution, and provide a complete package of offshore services related to HVAC-R projects.


  • Studies. design and engineering
  • Delivery of complete equipment packages
  • Installation, commissioning and adjustments
  • Maintenance, modifications and remodelling
  • ATEX-certified products and systems.


  • Climate systems and comfort cooling systems
  • Cooling and refrigeration systems
  • Process cooling systems
  • ATEX-certified cooling systems
  • Conversion of systems to environment-friendly cooling media.

Electrical Engineering and Automation

  • HVAC and cooling control systems
  • New installations, fault isolation, service and maintenance.