Storøykilen Block 4 consists of 90 homes distributed across three apartment buildings with shared basements and customized outdoor areas. AF is also constructing the first three blocks for OBOS in Storøykilen. The homes in Block 4 will be built to high standards with carefully chosen materials and are located in close proximity to Nansenparken and Oksenøya on Fornebu. The contract also includes infrastructure and shared outdoor spaces for the development. The buildings will be constructed with high environmental ambitions. 

Construction is planned to begin in August, with expected completion in the third quarter of 2026.

“Storøykilen is a beautiful area, and we are very pleased to continue our good collaboration with OBOS at Fornebu. Together, we look forward to building attractive homes and further developing the area to meet the needs of the residents,” says Tormod Solberg, EVP Building at AF Gruppen

"It is with great pleasure that we continue the good collaboration with AF Gruppen and embark on the next stage. Storøykilen is a beautiful area, and this project will contribute with high-quality housing and nice outdoor areas. We will also continue to offer our members attractive apartments with the sought-after schemes Bostart and Deleie. The initiation of the next stage at Storøykilen is an important contribution to maintaining housing construction even in difficult times. This ensures that our members will have a varied and good supply of new homes in the coming years," says Ingunn Andersen Randa, Executive Vice President of OBOS.