The development has been achieved through an efficient collaborative phase between LAB Entreprenør and Lagunen DA.

The center is to be expanded over the car park south of the main entrance. The expansion includes a parking level and five floors of office and retail space above the parking area. The total new area is approximately 15,000 square meters. In the existing center, approximately 3,200 square meters will be renovated to accommodate the new expansion.

The project has a challenging design with high-quality features, where the facades are primarily glass facades with wide horizontal aluminum fins serving as sunshades. Inside, there will be a large atrium with features such as green walls.

Outdoors, the project includes the renovation of the road Laguneveien, the development of a new public square east of the new building, new access areas, and areas for outdoor dining along the facades of the new building. The building is planned to have an energy class A rating, and there are plans for the reuse of existing facades that need to be dismantled as part of the shopping center's expansion.
Work commenced in the third quarter of 2023, with completion planned for the first quarter of 2026.