Reference is made to the notice to the stock exchange published on 24 August 2022, where FREVAR KF proposed AF Gruppen as design and build contractor with interaction for phase 1 of a new treatment plant in Fredrikstad municipality. AF Gruppen has now signed a contract with FREVAR KF for phase 2 (design and engineering and execution). The contract value for phase 2 is NOK 1,081 million excluding VAT.

The wastewater treatment plant will be located at Øra industrial area in Fredrikstad and will comprise one building for pre-treatment and bio-treatment with an administrative section, one building for sludge treatment and two digestion tanks. The background for the project is increasing climate and environmental challenges, a need for new and better treatment technology and more stringent treatment requirements from the County Governor. The project aims to meet sustainable, eco-friendly and climate-neutral goals.

Construction will start in June 2023, and handover is expected in April 2026.

“We have completed a good interaction phase where we have identified good environmental and cost-effective solutions. The project has high ambitions in terms of the environment and climate, and will ensure a treatment plant that contributes to a cleaner Oslo fjord. We’re looking forward to continuing the partnership on building a new and modern treatment plant,” says Amund Tøftum, CEO of AF Gruppen.