The project includes the merger and total renovation of the properties located in Kvadraturen in Oslo, with a planned extension in the existing rear court. After the merger and extension, the office building will measure more than 15,000 m2 GFA in area, including retail activities at street level.

The contract will be carried out as a collaborative project conducted in two phases, where the second phase involves the actual implementation. When the final implementation contract is signed, the contract value will be included in the order backlog. The expected construction cost is approximately NOK 480 million.

Major changes are planned to the building’s façade, including the expansion of windows and good materiality that will boost the building’s expression and give it a strong visual identity. After the transformation, the goal is for the property to be experienced as a city attraction. The project architect is Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter.

“This is an extensive and complex project, and a good combination of new construction and renovation. We look forward to an exciting collaboration with Linstow and to contributing with a sustainable modernisation that safeguards what has already been built”, says Eirik Wraal, Executive Vice President at AF Gruppen.

The building will be BREEAM certified and aims to achieve Energy Class A. Great emphasis is placed on sustainable use of materials and flexible solutions.

The collaboration will start immediately after the contract is signed, and construction is scheduled to start in Q1 2024.