The main works are carried out in the complex of caverns at Huseby. AF Gruppen’s scope includes civil works, facilities for process, dosing, sludge and electrical work.

Construction will commence during Q4 2022 with completion in Q4 2027.

The contract has an estimated value of NOK 3 000 million excl. VAT. The final contract value will be negotiated in collaboration between the City of Oslo, projecting partners and AF Gruppen.

“AF Gruppen is very satisfied to be awarded this contract for the new water treatment plant for the City of Oslo. We are looking forward to continuing the good cooperation and to ensure safe and secure water supply to the citizens of Oslo. AF has wide experience with similar works in caverns and we are looking forward to beginning the works,” says Amund Tøftum, CEO of AF Gruppen.

About the project
The City of Oslo has only one source of drinking water. This makes the capitol’s water supply very vulnerable. Therefore, The City of Oslo builds a new drinking water supply from Holsfjorden and a new water treatment plant and distribution network in Oslo. When the facilities are completed, Oslo will have a complete and robust reserve water supply.