According to the prize jury, the company rates highly in terms of supplying open, credible and consistent information to all market stakeholders, while ensuring that its annual interim reports outline a clear and long-term strategy, market information and industry trends, financial goals and dividend policies.

“We are proud to have been awarded this prize at the first time of being nominated. We are committed to communicating financial information in an open, consistent and comprehensible manner, and we attach significant importance to this task,” says Anny Øen, AF Gruppen’s Chief Financial Officer.

The prize is awarded annually to listed companies in two different categories: the Open Class and the Small and Medium Enterprises Class. The prize is awarded by Finance Society Norway (FFN). The winners were announced during FFN’s seminar on financial reporting held on Thursday 22 September.

The Stockman Prize is the market’s own distinction as it is based on direct input from brokerage firms and Norway’s major investors. Stakeholders are asked to nominate suitable candidates in each category and to complete a market survey based on a list of criteria supplied by the FFN Stockman Prize committee who are tasked with selecting the winner.

The committee places particular emphasis on ESG criteria (i.e. Environmental, Social and Governance). ESG is weighted at 30 per cent in the evaluation of all criteria.