The AF Offshore Decom project management team has together with its in-house engineering department created an efficient, robust and safe removal program together with consortium partner Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC). 

AF Offshore Decom’s offshore construction team has been onboard the Dunlin Alpha during preparations for cold stack and disembarkation of the platform. This presence and the close cooperation with Fairfield Energy has been highly valuable for the planning and execution of this decommissioning project. Following to years of detailed engineering and preparations, AF Offshore Decom mobilised earlier this spring with a crew of 290 persons, in offshore rotation, onboard the HLV Thialf for the hook down preparations. 

With all offshore preparation activities safely executed and successfully completed within schedule, the remaining Dunlin structure was left ready for an efficient lifting campaign by HMC’s vessel Sleipnir.

“We would like to thank our client Fairfield Energy, and consortium partner HMC, for the excellent cooperation offshore. We are looking forward to welcoming the Sleipnir, with the remaining Dunlin Alpha structures and our client Fairfield Energy to the AF Environmental Base Vats in a few days.This is not the end, but a new beginning. More than 95% of the Dunlin Alpha will be recycled and reused in a construction site near you. In a world where resources are finite and the earth’s ability to absorb carbon emissions have been depleted, the future rests on our ability to recycle and reuse resources and materials. This is our commitment” says Lars Myhre Hjelmeset, AF Offshore Decom’s Managing Director.