The contract encompasses heating and cooling systems for the new hospital’s main building. The agreement is worth approximately NOK 200 million excluding VAT. Planning work will commence with immediate effect once the legally mandated qualifying period reaches its end. Work on site is scheduled to begin in March 2022.

The new Drammen hospital will serve as the local hospital for the communities of Lier, Drammen, Sande, Hurum and Røyken. Additionally, the hospital will provide area functions for all residents in the wider area covered by the Vestre Viken Health Enterprise. AF Gruppen is involved in multiple aspects of the construction project.

The heating and cooling contract primarily encompasses approximately 90,000 m2 of building stock referred to as the main building. This includes wards, treatment spaces, outpatient clinics and service buildings. A distribution system for heating and cooling, as well as exterior district heating, is to be installed.

“The new hospital will provide significantly improved health services to people living in the region, and we are delighted to be part of this process. AF Gruppen has long and extensive experience working on similar solutions for a range of landmark buildings across Norway. We are now looking forward to delivering functional, energy efficient solutions in partnership with the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority’s project organisation,” says Eirik Wraal, EVP Environment and Energy at AF Gruppen.