There is extremely high demand for new industrial premises in the Rollsbo region immediately to the north of Gothenburg, which enjoys an excellent situation just off the E6. Ytterbygg, which builds and rents out customised premises for businesses in Kungälv and Gothenburg, is now establishing approximately 200,000 square metres of industrial and warehousing premises in Rollsbo Västerhöjd.

Kanonaden’s contract includes groundwork, water and sewage and street work, including the removal of large volumes of rock.

“We know that we can contribute our experience and expertise from similar projects and we look forward to creating the conditions for development and growth in the attractive Gothenburg region,” says Bård Frydenlund, EVP of AF Gruppen Sweden.

The new Rollsbo Västerhöjd area is being developed in collaboration between the two property owners, Ytterbygg and the municipality-owned company Bokab. The companies have a shared commitment to improve public land.

The new industrial sites will be completed in stages, with the sites being handed over successively for construction work to commence from 2022. The contract is expected to last until the summer of 2023.