The Client is Kilen Utbygging 2 AS, which is owned by AF Eiendom in partnership with Miliarium Bolig. The contract encompasses the implementation of construction phase two, which comprises three buildings with a total of 56 apartments and associated outdoor works.

The contract will be carried out as a collaborative design and build contract and is valued at NOK 122 million, excluding VAT. The project is scheduled for completion by Easter and November 2020 respectively.

Prior to sales commencing, thorough analysis was carried out to establish which types of homes were in demand, which has probably made a big difference in terms of achieving good sales. In partnership with Miliarium Bolig, the choice was made to opt for a ‘premium concept’ that includes a shared lounge and services such as guest apartments, a fitness centre and a kayak room.

The Nye Kilen Brygge development consists of a total of seven buildings with 136 apartments divided across to construction phases. More than 80 per cent of the apartments have already been sold and Strøm Gundersen Vestfold is well underway with construction phase 1. The first apartments will be ready for occupancy during the course of the first quarter of 2020.

- Nye Kilen Bygge is a great project affording fantastic views of the shore and is located just five minutes’ walk from the centre of Sandefjord. ‘We have good interaction between the developer and contractor, and we are looking forward to continuing this excellent work in the next construction phase,’ says Amund Tøftum, EVP Building at AF Gruppen