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Vision and values

    The history of AF Gruppen is one of a values-based corporate culture. Our core values have their roots in the period AF Gruppen was founded in 1985 and have changed little over the years.
    Clearing up the past, building for the future.
    AF Gruppen’s vision

    Core Values

    AF Gruppen is a values-based company with a firmly anchored set of core values. The core values are the very bedrock of our operations, and we expect that all our employees are able to identify and comply with these values.

    • Reliable

    • Thoroughness and hard work

    • Persistence in achieving profitable growth

    • Management through presence and involvement

    • Freedom to exercise entrepreneurship and discipline in relation to goals and requirements

    AF Gruppen shall create value and opportunities through project activities with an uncompromising attitude towards safety and ethics.
    AF Gruppen’s mission

    Purpose Objectives and Values and Code of Conduct

    • Purpose Objectives and Values

      Purpose Objectives and Values

    • Code of Conduct

      Code of Conduct

    • Polskie - Úcel Ciele Hodnoty

      Polskie - Úcel Ciele Hodnoty

    • Polskie - Kódex správania

      Polskie - Kódex správania

    • Lietuvis - Paskirtis Tikslai Vertybes

      Lietuvis - Paskirtis Tikslai Vertybes

    • Lietuvis - Elgesio kodeksas

      Lietuvis - Elgesio kodeksas