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The General Meeting is the company's highest decision-making body and is normally convened in May. The Board, AF's management and auditor also attend the General Meetings.

The Board summons General Meetings with at least 3 weeks prior notice to all shareholders under the address at which they are registered in the share register of the Norwegian Central Securities Depository. The shareholders must report their intention to attend at least two days prior to the General Meeting in order to have the right to attend.

The Board may summon an extraordinary General Meeting. Such a summons will take place when the auditors, or the shareholders who represent at least one twentieth of the share capital, demand such in writing in order to have a specifically stated subject addressed. The Board shall see to it that the General Assembly is held within one month after the demand has been submitted.

The General Assembly will address the following matters:

  • Approval of the income statement and balance sheet.
  • Allocation of annual surplus or coverage of deficit in relation to the approved balance sheet and as regards the distribution of dividends.
  • Election of members and substitutes to the Board, election of the Board's chairman and the setting of their remuneration.
  • Setting of the auditor's remuneration.
  • Other matters that under the law or articles of association belong under the General Meeting.