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PwC and Thomas Whyte Gaardsø are AF's independent, external auditors. The auditor follows the company and provides the shareholders, management and other stakeholders a confirmation that AF is following the laws and regulations for its enterprises.

The auditor provides an account of his work and gives his assessment to the company's Board in connection with the annual closing of the accounts. The auditor participates in the company's General Meeting. The accounting reports for all years have been without remarks.

AF has a policy of utilising the same auditing company is all the companies within the group where such is possible in practice. In partially owned subsidiaries, the selection of the auditor occurs by agreement with the other owners.

The requirement for the independence of the auditor dictates that AF will to the least extent possible utilise the external auditor for tasks other than legally mandated financial auditing. The auditor will be used, regardless, for natural auditing-related tasks such as technical support with tax returns, annual accounts, understanding of accounting and tax rules and confirmation of financial information in different contexts.