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AF Offshore Decom is a specialized contractor within decommissioning of offshore installations.

Who We Are

AF Offshore Decom deliver integrated decommissioning solutions. We have a long track record as the main contractor and as a consortium partner from studies and engineering to removal, dismantling and recycling.

We execute offshore decommissioning projects in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly way. Approximately 98 % of the installation is recycled.

We manage the entire supply chain of a decommissioning project, all from Well P&A throughout onshore disposal at our own environmental base, AF Environmental Base Vats. The failities at the base is tailored to suit the disposal of offshore structures.

Vision and Mission

Clearing up the past, building for the future

Business concept
Create value and opportunties through activites with an uncompromising attitue towards safety and ethics. 

Our values
We have a strong culture based on distinct core values

  • Reliability
  • Freedom to exercise entrepreneurship and discipline in accordance with goals and requirements
  • Thoroughness and hard work
  • Persistence in achieving profitable growth
  • Management through presence and involvement

Latest news

  • More than 95% of the Dunlin Topsides will be recycled and reused

    It is the end of an era with the removal of the topsides from Fairfield Energy’s Dunlin Alpha. Heerema Marine Contractors and AF Offshore Decom operating as the HAF Consortium safely removed around 19,000 metric tons over two campaigns to successfully deliver the platform for reuse and recycling.

    Published: 17.06.2022

  • Dunlin Alpha removal campaign successfully completed

    On behalf of our client Fairfield Energy Limited, AF Offshore Decom has announced that the significant offshore preparation and removal campaigns for the Dunlin Alpha have been successfully completed. From this point, more than 95% of the Dunlin Topsides will be recycled and reused at our world leading recycling facility in Vats.

    Published: 03.06.2022

  • AF-posten artikkel
    World class comfort in extreme conditions

    Two of the world’s most advanced polar expedition cruise ships feature ventilation and air conditioning systems that can be monitored and controlled from an office in the small Norwegian town of Flekkefjord.

    Published: 31.01.2022

The removal of Dunlin Alpha


  • 300 000


    Recyled steels


AF Offshore Decom

AF Offshore Decom

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