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We can engineer and serve you with most kind of standard wall heaters, heating pumps, duct heaters, fan heaters and Certified EX heaters for harzardous areas from producers of well known products. We can serve you with heaters based on hot water, steam or electricity.

Air heating by means of fan heaters is a quick way of heating all types of premises where quick heating is required. Air heating takes place through the air being forced past electrical heating elements by a fan and propelled into the room. In systems where fan heaters are only used for room heating and not for ventilation, the air circulates through the fan heaters repeatedly until the desired temperature has been achieved. A thermostat or a control unit in the room will switch the heating elements on and off in accordance with the required room air temperature. In this chapter we have a few examples of standard heaters. We have wide range of heaters in order to cover most requirements for heaters in marine & offshore.