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Air terminals & Cabin Units

Air terminals & Cabin Units

    AERON® Marine Cabin Units and air terminals are designed for use in low and high speed marine air conditioning systems. Their task is to control the airflow and temperature.

    We have a comprehensive range of Cabin Units for wall mounting or ceiling suspension, units for 1-pipe, 2 pipe, 1 pipe with reheat and a wide selection of air terminal units The manually operated cabin units includes a reheater with room thermostat, or just a manual damper (manual model) which both allow the manual adjustment of airflow quantity. The Cabin Units includes a selection of room thermostats and diffusors. We may also offer automatic pressure-independent cabin units that support the most sophisticated indoor environment in cabins.

    The airflow can be controlled and maintained individually in each cabin and thus sound levels and comfort are kept in a best possible level. The airflow and temperature can be continuously measured so that the controller will cut off the reheat power below the minimum airflow. Some Marine cabin units can operate on a LON or Ethernet network with a dedicated network adapter. Through intelligent network and pressure-independent operation systems it is possible to reach the best benefits of energy efficiency technology.

    You find more info in our Product Catalogue.