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Energy savings contract in Oppland

Oppland County Council saves one third of its energy costs in its EPC contract.

Project status

      Sep 2013
      Sep 2019

      About the project

      Oppland County Council shall reduce the energy consumption of its own building stock by 9 million kWh each year. The saving is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 450 average Norwegian households.

      • NOK 40 million

        Contract value

      • NOK 77 million

        Saved in the subsequent decade

      AF Gruppen

      Oppland County Council

      Energy saving in 1-2-3

      The energy savings contract has been divided into three phases. The first phase is about identifying profitable measures and improvement proposals. Teams are sent out that conduct continuous inspections, calculate savings, procure bids and finalise the package for presentation to Oppland County Council. The second phase concerns installation, start-up and execution of the measures that Oppland County Council wishes to implement. Once this part has been completed, AF Gruppen will enter into a guarantee phase for savings, known as phase three.

      Buildings included in the contract:

      Lillehammer Upper Secondary School, Mesna Upper Secondary School, Vargstad Upper Secondary School, Nord Gudbrandsdal avd Hjerleid Upper Secondary School, Nord Gudbrandsdal dept. Otta Upper Secondary School, Vinstra Upper Secondary School, Gausdal Upper Secondary School, Valdres Upper Secondary School, Dokka Upper Secondary School, Gjøvik Upper Secondary School, Raufoss Upper Secondary School (test building), Gjøvik Technical College, Hadeland Upper Secondary School, Valle Upper Secondary School, Lena Upper Secondary School and AS Kirkegt 74.

      Project info

      Project type: EPC

      Available vacancies