Vindpark Åby-Alebo in the municipality of Mönsterås will be the biggest wind farm in southern Sweden. It comprises 36 wind turbines with a total height of 200 metres, and is expected to generate approximately 500 GWh of renewable electricity annually. This is the equivalent of enough electricity to run 100,000 detached houses.

Renewable electricity reduces carbon emissions by around 300,000 tonnes every year, which is the same amount emitted by ordinary petrol and diesel cars in one year.

The construction of Vindpark Åby-Alebo will commence during the spring of 2020, and the facility is expected to start supplying electricity during the first quarter of 2022.

‘Returning customers is a sign that we are creating value through our projects. It is particularly gratifying for us to contribute to a new wind farm that will help the climate for so many years to come,’ says Bård Frydenlund, EVP Sweden at AF Gruppen.