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Strategy 2020

Strategy 2020

    AF Gruppen’s target is to achieve a turnover of NOK 20 billion in 2020. AF will invest in major cities in Norway and Sweden, nationwide mobile operations and the offshore sector. Ambitious goals for profitable growth provide opportunities for our partners and, not least, our employees.
    • Innovation and creativity

      AF will increase its competitiveness through entrepreneurship. We shall realise productivity improvements in existing operations, identify new and innovative solutions and increase the utilisation of digital tools.
    • Customers and suppliers

      We will work to ensure that our customers and suppliers select us as their preferred partner. Cooperation with customers and suppliers shall create value for all parties.
    • Preferred employer

      In 2020, AF shall be the preferred employer in the industry. We shall create the industry's best leadership through our leadership development programme, internal recruitment and by increasing the proportion of women in management positions.
    • Organic and structural growth

      Over the four-year period, we shall achieve profitable growth of NOK 8 billion, generating value for our shareholders and opportunities for our employees. The greatest growth will be derived from major cities in Norway and Sweden, the offshore sector and national and mobile project operations.