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We want to be the preferred partner and build long-term partnerships based on trust, performance and loyalty. The best partners, those who do not compromise when safety and ethics are put to the test, are the ones with which AF wants to work. We make demands of those we work with, but we will ensure that both grow in the process. We succeed best when the projects are profitable for all of the parties involved. We will seek early involvement so we can find the best solutions and also identify future client needs. AF will have the best understanding of the market and clients, be solution-oriented and be the best in the market at solving clients’ acute problems. We will be predictable and practice transparent communication with those with whom we work. We can always be better. We will refine our cooperation and communication skills and use learning points from clients and suppliers to improve.

Collaboration goals for AF Gruppen

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    AF shall be the preferred partner

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    Our partners share our values ​​and our uncompromising attitude to safety and ethics

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    AF wants long-term and value-creating relationships where all parties in the project succeed