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AF wants to be the place where the best people have room to fulfil their dreams. We will continue to attract and develop the most talented people and ensure that everyone has the same opportunities. We think that greater diversity is good for both well-being and the working environment, but above all it is profitable because when we are able to harness the power of diversity, we gain more perspectives and make wiser decisions. Our partnership with educational institutions aimed at attracting skilled engineers and workers will continue. Likewise, our work aimed at ensuring that AF and our industry are attractive career choices for both men and women, with an inclusive, safe and good working environment in which there is zero tolerance of discrimination. AF offers countless career paths. Career development is built up through on-the-job training and developing skills in the AF Academy.

Goals Disciplines and management

  • 20


    Percentage of women at 20% (Salaried employees 40%).

  • 5


    Employee satisfaction in the AF Group must still be above 5 (Scale 1-6).

  • 5


    Top 5 on Universum's list of attractive employers regardless of industry. Continue to be the best in the business.